Stabbing involving exes raises awareness about the dangers of domestic violence

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SAN ANTONIO – An organization dedicated to fighting domestic violence is hoping the latest violent crime, where a man allegedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend multiple times, reminds victims of domestic violence to seek help.

Patricia Castillo, the executive director of the PEACE Initiative, said she was disturbed when she saw the news.

“Clearly, our community is struggling to stay safe and not be exposed to this kind of violence,” she said.

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San Antonio police said they found that the suspect involved stabbed his ex-girlfriend multiple times before stabbing himself multiple times.

Both the suspect and the victim were rushed to the hospital.

Police said the woman and man broke up six months ago.

“What, unfortunately, most people don’t realize is the ending of an abusive relationship is the most dangerous time for anybody,” Castillo said. “You must seek help. You must have a safety plan. You must surround yourself with people that can help you and support you with people that can help you stay safe and end that abusive situation.”

Castillo said all too often, the abuser in the relationship has the mentality of, “If I can’t have you, nobody can.”

“Some of the signs of lethality are jealousy, possessiveness, isolation when they cut you off from family and friends,” she said. “That is not a romantic thought. That is a threat.”

Should the victim survive, Castillo said undergoing therapy would be a good thing to help with mental health.

“Survivors are very strong people, and they have the tremendous capacity for remaking their life,” Castillo said. “Hopefully, if (the suspect) makes it through, he goes to jail and stays in jail, so she doesn’t have to worry about living in fear or being afraid to open her door.”

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