TxDOT officials urge drivers to plan ahead before winter storm arrives

HERO program is prepared to handle traffic trouble in the days ahead

SAN ANTONIO – As the weather is expected to turn very cold and possibly icy, TxDOT crews are anticipating roads will see an impact over the next few days.

TxDOT’S Highway Emergency Response Operation (HERO) is staying prepared to handle any traffic trouble that drivers could experience on the highway.

Last year the program reported nearly 30,000 disabled vehicles and close to 8,000 crashes.

“We were extremely busy , way more than we ever anticipated,” said HERO program manager Mike King.

AAA Texas reports Texas roads were the most deadly for stranded motorists. From 2015 through 2019, 263 stranded motorists were killed outside a disabled vehicle.

However, TxDOT hopes to avoid any traffic tragedies in the days ahead.

“We’re always out there and our activity does increase in these events,” King said.

Crews have been busy pre-treating bridges, overpasses and interchanges that are prone to freezing.

Although crews are planning for any potential danger on the roads, John Gianotti, operations manager for Transguide, urges drivers to think twice.

“Just make sure if you have to travel make sure that’s a must and not a need,” he said.

King reminds drivers that small things can make a big difference for drivers who have to travel.

He reminds drivers to make sure tires are properly inflated, keep a full tank of gas and check the radiator coolant and battery connection.

If you experience any trouble on the highway, it’s best to stay in the car and contact 210-732-HERO for help.

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