Ask Angi shares trendy ways to improve your outdoor space

SAN ANTONIO – The warm weather and long days of summer make it the perfect time to transform your backyard or patio.  If you’re not sure what to do with your outdoor space this summer, we’ve got you covered.

“Turn your outdoor space into a bohemian oasis by sticking to a natural color palette comprised of cream, beige, sage green, and grays,” Rupa Mehta, an outdoor home expert at Angi, said. “You can always add planters or rugs that will really give the space pops of color. Add rattan furniture and assorted rugs to instantly give your space a trendy and bohemian look.”

Lush landscapes are also trending this year, so think about bringing in as many plants as possible.

Plants aren’t just for your flower beds - add potted plants to your patio or outdoor office to make the space feel calm and welcoming. A local landscaper can be helpful in choosing the right plants for your landscape and climate.

“This summer, we’re seeing a lot of people take advantage of their outdoor space during work hours,” Mehta said.

“Create the perfect outdoor office by setting up a comfortable space. Find a covered area in your backyard or talk to a pro about installing a covering like a retractable roof. Choose an outdoor office table and chair that is a comfortable height for you to sit in for long periods of time. I just set up my outdoor office on our deck, and it is surrounded by plants - similar to what I have here in my home as well.”

Don’t forget to add work-from-home essentials, like a wifi extender to ensure you have a top-notch internet connection and an outdoor outlet to make sure your computer is always charged.

You can also add some cozy touches to the space, like an outdoor rug and a lumbar pillow to help support your back while you work.

“With the beautiful summer weather, more people want to sit and enjoy their meals outside,” Mehta said.”Think about installing an outdoor kitchen. You can start small, by just adding a grill, ice chest, and kitchen cart to your outdoor space, or you can call a local pro to talk about installing a custom, full-service outdoor kitchen.”