San Antonio police investigate alleged threats against witnesses in fatal dog attack on West Side

‘Our department will not tolerate allegations of retaliation,’ SAPD spokesperson says

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police have opened a new investigation into reports of vandalism and death threats against people who witnessed a dog mauling on the West Side that left one man dead and injured his wife.

Neighbors in the 2800 block of Depla Street say their efforts to highlight the problems the city has turned a blind eye to for two years has resulted in them fearing for their safety.

One witness’s life was threatened while standing on their own property. San Antonio police say they are looking into the calls, and the Homicide Unit is looking into the threats.

Lt. Michelle Ramos with SAPD says police take retaliation calls seriously, which could result in a felony charge for those behind them.

“Our department will not tolerate allegations of retaliation. We take those calls very serious. We encourage the residents -- please call us. We will fully investigate those cases,” Ramos said.

Records show police have been called to 2810 Depla Street 112 times in two years for disturbances, shots fired, Child Protective Services, and animal-related calls.

Following those threats to those witnesses, SAPD’s Chief William McManus and District 5 Councilwoman Teri Castillo have visited with neighbors separately to reassure them they are listening.

Officers have been instructed to patrol the neighborhood throughout their shifts.

Neighbors said they fear their calls for protection will also go unanswered, just like the 100-plus calls that were ignored in the past two years.


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