Woman arrested for retaliation in connection with deadly dog attack released from jail, records show

Destiny Marie Cardona paid her bond of $25,000


A woman who was arrested for retaliation following a brutal dog attack on the West Side has been released from jail, according to Bexar County court records.

Destiny Marie Cardona, 26, paid her bond of $25,000 and was released on March 10, records show.

Police said Cardona went to her sister’s home on March 3, not long after the dog attack, and saw a neighbor who was seen speaking on TV about the situation.

Cardona yelled at the witness and threatened to kill the witness and their family member, according to an arrest affidavit.

Authorities said Cardona is the sister of one of the dogs’ owners, Abilene Schnieder.


A third person is in custody in connection with the deadly dog attack on the West Side nearly two weeks ago, according to San Antonio police.

This comes after we reported San Antonio police opened an investigation into threats and intimidation of neighbors, who witnessed the attack.

Destiny Marie Cardona, 26, was arrested Thursday afternoon for retaliation, a third-degree felony, Bexar County court records show.

The deadly dog attack, which happened on Feb. 24, in the 2800 block of Depla Street, claimed the life of an elderly man and left several others hospitalized for their injuries.

The dogs’ owners, Christian Alexander Moreno, 31, and his wife, Abilene Schnieder, 31, were arrested and charged with attack by dangerous dog resulting in death and injury to an elderly person.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Cardona is Schnieder’s sister.

Cardona went to her sister’s home on Depla on March 3 and saw a neighbor who has been seen on TV speaking with news outlets about the situation, the affidavit states.

Cardona yelled at the witness and threatened to kill the witness and their family member, the affidavit states.

She said the witness is “going to pay for this,” referring to the neighbor’s service as a witness, the affidavit states.

Investigators also said that on the day of the attack, one of the suspects called the witness a “chisemeando,” or gossiper.

Cardona’s bond is set at $25,000, according to court records.

At last check, Schiender and Moreno are both still being held in the Bexar County Jail.

The three dogs involved in the attack were euthanized by San Antonio Animal Care Services.


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