Did this Texas grandmother really bake bread in her mailbox?

Roberta Wright says she posted pics to spark creativity

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – One Houston-area grandmother was hoping to inspire others to be creative, but she learned a lesson herself last week about the power of the internet.

Roberta Wright, who lives in Montgomery County, shared photos of herself pulling a delicious-looking loaf of bread from her mailbox.

The post went viral with people using it as “proof” of just how hot it is in Texas.

But the internet needs to cool off a little.

Fact: It’s very hot in Texas.

Fiction: It’s so hot in Texas that you can bake bread in your mailbox.

See the viral photos below:

These photos by Roberta Wright went viral. (Roberta Wright/Viral Photos)

Wright said she came up with the idea when she had to use oven mitts to open her mailbox because the metal was too hot to touch.

“That kind of triggered, what else could you do if you have to use your oven mitts if it’s that hot there inside a rusty old mailbox? What else could you do?” Wright told Houston TV station, KTRK.

Wright recently authored a children’s book called, “Out of This World Granny.” She said she posted the pics for fun as a way to get kids to use their imagination.

“It’s the storytelling of your imagination. Could it get hot enough? Could the yeast rise and everything like that?” Wright told KTRK.

A lack of imagination might not be the problem on the internet. But more people might need a lesson in critical thinking.

Bread typically is baked at temperatures between 350-475 degrees Fahrenheit.

While an all-metal mailbox would definitely get hot, it would not get nearly hot enough to bake bread.

Also, Wright’s metal mailbox is surrounded by bricks, which would further insulate the inside of the mailbox.

Still, Wright says her fun photos have inspired suggestions for other ways to use her mailbox.

“Can you put a pizza in your oven? It’s a little narrow. I’m willing to try it. It’s kind of fun,” she said.

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