‘I had COVID-19 and here’s my story.’ Woman shares details of coronavirus experience

Elizabeth Schneider says she hopes her experience will educate others

Elizabeth Schneider contracted COVID-19 at a party in Seattle on Feb. 22, 2020. She has since recovered. (Elizabeth Schneider/KSAT)

SEATTLE, Washington – A woman who contracted the novel coronavirus, got sick and recovered is now sharing her experience with others, hoping it will help educate people about the virus.

Elizabeth Schneider, a 37-year-old marketing manager who lives in Seattle, told KSAT that she contracted the virus at a small house party on Feb. 22. Nobody felt ill at the time, but 40% of the attendees became sick within a few days of the party, she told KSAT over the phone.

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On Tuesday, after the party, Schneider said her fever spiked to 103 degrees. She also said she had a headache, severe body aches, joint pain and severe fatigue.

“I never went to the doctor because I just thought I had a nasty flu,” Schneider said.

Her friends from the party were keeping tabs on each other through Facebook, and since so many of them felt sick, one of them suggested that they contact the Seattle Flu Study -- a local research effort among medical organizations to track influenza. They sent her a kit to swab herself at home, she swabbed the inside of her nose and sent the swab back to them through the mail on March 2.

On Mar. 7, the research director with the flu study called her and told her that she had tested positive for COVID-19. By that time, she was feeling better but Schneider said she still felt “shocked” and “sobered” by the news.

Schneider said five of her friends also tested positive.

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