6+ inches of snow reported at Big Bend National Park; officials warn against traveling

Road to the Chisos Basin Visitor Center, Hot Springs and Old Maverick are closed

Big Bend National Park is typically busy with hikers during spring break but on Saturday morning, it was filled with snow.

In an Instagram post, the park said that at least six inches of snow have fallen at the Panther Junction Visitor Center.

As a result, the park has closed some routes, including the road to the Chisos Basin Visitor Center, Hot Springs and Old Maverick.

More snow is in the forecast for the rest of Saturday.

“Snow! (Please) be advised there is plenty of snow from the Chisos Mountains all the way down to elevations of Panther Junction and most of the roadways,” officials said in a post.

More roads may be closed during the weekend, depending on the conditions.

Park officials said they do not recommend traveling on roads or hiking in these conditions. For more information on park conditions, click here.

Closer to home, snow was reported in the Hill Country areas of Edwards, Kerr, and Real counties.

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