USPS, ACS team up to raise awareness on responsible pet ownership to deter dog bites

40 postal workers attacked by dogs last year in SA

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio is the sixth-worst city in the country for dog bites, and in honor of National Dog Bite Prevention Week, the San Antonio post office is teaming up with Animal Care Service to raise awareness on responsible pet ownership.

The U.S Postal Service is urging pet owners to do their part in reducing the number of dog bites.

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“We want everyone to be safe. We want the dogs to be safe,” said Robert Carr, San Antonio postmaster. “We’re all pet lovers as well, but when we have our carriers out there doing the job, we just ask the public, 'Please, be conscious with the animals that are out there today.’”

The Postal Service said keeping carriers’ and dogs’ safety in mind when you are expecting mail will help decrease the problem.

Number of dog bite calls in San Antonio that Animal Care Services has responded to:

  • Fiscal Year 2018 (year to date): 1,279

  • Fiscal Year 2017: 3,497

  • Fiscal Year 2016: 3,492

  • Fiscal Year 2015: 3,782

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