Tips on how to become Medicare eligible from Dr. Kristi Clark

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SAN ANTONIO – If you still need to enroll in Medicare, open enrollment is going on right now through Dec. 7 

Dr. Kristi Clark, medical director at HealthTexas has some tips for individuals during this Annual Election Period (AEP) for Medicare benefits.

"Medicare is a national health program that we pay into as we work, and if you have worked for a while, you're paying into a Medicare program," Dr. Clark explained. "Once you retire you can take those benefits in a form of social security to live on."

Question #1: How do you become Medicare eligible?

"You can become eligible for it (Medicare) once you are 65, and if you are disabled and have been receiving social security benefits from it for two years," Dr. Clark said.

Question #2: What is the difference between Medicare/ Medicaid?

"The biggest difference is that Medicaid is for children and pregnant women, but also, more importantly, it can be for people who have Medicare," Dr. Clark said. "Medicaid is when a person on Medicare has low income and they might become eligible for other benefits."

Question #3: If I want to remain on my current Medicare Advantage Plan, do I need to re-enroll?

"If you're happy with your Medicare Advantage Plan and you like your doctor, group of specialists and network, you should stay with them," Dr. Clark said. "You don't need to do anything. Those benefits will automatically enroll for you." 



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