National Public Health Week: Tips to reduce air pollution

National Public Health Week runs through April 7, #NPHW

SAN ANTONIO – Throughout this week Metro Health has been raising awareness for National Public Health Week, and the Ozone Attainment program has some helpful tips on how you can help minimize air pollution in San Antonio.

From March through November, Metro Health encourages community members to join together to support clean air during Ozone Action Days by reducing emissions.

How does the ozone affect me?

Ozone in the air can be harmful to your health, especially on hot, sunny days in South Texas.

Even low levels of ozone can cause health problems and can be an issue for people with respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Tips to help prevent ozone pollution: 

  • Share a ride with someone.
  • Take the bus instead of driving. 
  • Walk or ride a bike. 
  • Wait until after 6 p.m. to fill your car with gas or mow the lawn.

For more information, visit sanantonio.gov/airquality or call 210-207-8780. 



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