RECIPE: Spiced-up jalapeno meatballs by Zocca Cuisine d'Italia

Restaurant shares pepper people-pleasers and Fiesta medal!

SAN ANTONIO – That's a spicy meatball! Jeff Foresman, executive chef at Zocca Cuisine d’Italia at the Westin, shares his jalapeno-filled meatball recipe with Mike and Jen.

It's called "Zocca's famous meatball with a twist" and it contains roasted jalapeno and poblano peppers, house-dade jalapeno ricotta, pickled jalapeno-cheddar crostini and spicy marinara sauce.

Chef Foresman also offered up a sweet corn cupcake stuffed with what he called "cowboy candy" (candied jalapenos and bacon), topped off with a savory chipotle buttercream frosting.

Watch the video (above) and dig in! The chef reveals a Fiesta medal at the end!

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