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Some of these ingredients you might already have


SAN ANTONIO – Quarantine has forced some people to cook more at home and has inspired even more to think of different ways to spice up their favorite recipes.

David Elder Zoomed in with chefs and celebrities to see what ingredients they think you should try and incorporate into your next dish:

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1) Gochujang - Challenged by Nischelle Turner, Host of Entertainment Tonight

A red chili paste that packs heat, sweetness and a meaty depth to it.

2) Old jar item - Challenged by Ali Khan, Host of Cheap Eats on the Cooking Channel

Find an old jar in your refrigerator, that is still good, and add it to your next dish.

3) Eggplant - Challenged by Ursula Pari, KSAT 12 News Anchor

Ursula recommends frying the eggplant and adding it to your pizza. Yum!

4) Fennel - Challenged by Chef Jason Dady, Owner Two Bros BBQ & Tre Trattoria

Chop it up and see what you can make.

5) Beets - Challenged by Derrick Shore & Courtney Zavala, Hosts of Houston Life

The deep, rich flavor, the bold red color - you can’t BEET it.

6) Lamb - Challenged by actor Nicholas Gonzalez

Some don’t enjoy the taste of lamb, but if you use Nicholas’ recipe, it’s sure to be a household favorite.

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