Pet Care: Why regular check-ups are so important

By Alexis Barnhart - Sales Digital Coordinator

SAN ANTONIO - You know to take your pet to the vet when he is sick, but are routine check-ups necessary?

Dr. Mike Mixon with Texas Veterinary Hospitals says yes, they are.

“One of the most important things we can do is a physical exam,” said Dr. Mixon.

During a routine physical exam, veterinarians check things like your pet’s teeth, weight, breathing, and more.

These exams are important because vets often notice warning signs in pets that you might not see.

As pets get older, routine check-ups are even more important.

Dr. Mixon recommends a physical exam every six months for older dogs.

“That way you start catching those changes before they become too serious,” he said.

Texas Veterinary Hospitals is currently offering a free exam for all new patients.

For more information about pet check-ups or to schedule an appointment for your pet, call (210) 478-7079 or visit

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