Tony Romo by the numbers

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SAN ANTONIO – Tony Romo announced Tuesday that he will be leaving football for a career in sports broadcasting, ESPN reported.

Romo has 34,183 passing yards and 248 career touchdown passes with the Cowboys. That’s the most in the club’s history.

The four-time pro-bowler has a reputation for getting injured as well:

2008 – Romo missed three games for a broken right pinkie finger.
2010 – A broken left collarbone put Romo out for 10 games.
2013 – Romo ruptured a disk, costing the Cowboys a win against the Eagles.
2014 – After being kneed in the back, Romo suffered two transverse process fractures.
2015 – The healed portion of his broken left collarbone rebroke, causing Romo to miss five games.
2016 – Romo suffered a compression fracture and rookie Dak Prescott started the season.

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