The Ultimate Shark Experience is back at SeaWorld San Antonio this week

Tickets now available for the experience

SAN ANTONIO – SeaWorld San Antonio takes pride in celebrating and appreciating sharks year-round. This week, however, an extra-special event is making a comeback — the Ultimate Shark Experience.

The experience offers interactive activities for all ages, including the chance to pet a shark, ride the Great White Rollercoaster and learn more about sharks and shark conservation.

Visitors can also get an up-close look at different species of sharks through the experience.

“We have four species on display here in our shark habitat. We have our sand tiger sharks, our brown or sandbar sharks, our nurse shark, and a zebra shark. And then if you come experience our behind-the-scenes tour, you get to visit with one of our white-spotted bamboo sharks,” said Janelle Baca, aquarium department supervisor for SeaWorld San Antonio.

Ultimate Shark Experience back at SeaWorld San Antonio (Credit: SeaWorld San Antonio)

Baca also explained the importance of learning more about the often-misunderstood shark species.

“One hundred million sharks are killed annually through fishing and shark-finning or just people not knowing that sharks play a vital role in our ocean’s ecosystem,” Baca said. “They control a lot of our fish populations, so they play a key role in the sustainability of our oceans. I want to express that you shouldn’t be afraid of sharks. They are there for a purpose — to help our environment.”

For those still wary of running into a shark outside of SeaWorld, Baca also gave some tips on how to avoid interacting with sharks in the ocean.

  • Swimmers should avoid areas where people are fishing, as the bait attracts larger fish, which are shark’s prey.
  • Beachgoers should also avoid wearing shiny clothes or jewelry, as flashy items may look like tasty fish scales to a shark.
  • Avoid areas where sharks are known to frequent, especially around dawn, dusk and nighttime. Sharks have excellent eyesight in the dark and often hunt during these hours.

“Hollywood has sensationalized a lot of fear, misconception and myths on sharks, so we really want our guests to have an understanding that sharks play a key role, and they can learn those facts here at SeaWorld,” Baca said.

The Ultimate Shark experience is now open. Find ticket information here.


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