Charge and organize your devices with this 3-in-1 charger

Keep all your devices charged at 100% with this wireless charging station. (Adam Elements)

Keeping things in order when you’re working from home can be tough. If you’re the type who is more productive when you have an organized workspace and home, you may like this item. The OMNIA Q3 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Power Adapter will charge three devices at once, while keeping them in their own little space, without the mess of three separate cables. You can get them for 20% off the original price of $139, costing you only $109.95.

Let’s talk about features. The Q3 charger comes with dual charging standards of 7.5W for Apple and 10W for Android devices. It also has a 24W fast wall charger (with US, EU, and UK travel plugs). You’ll love that each device has their own designated charging spot. Plus, the Apple Watch charging pad can be adjusted to your desired angle. Its thin, lightweight design allows you to place it anywhere on your desk or tabletop without taking up much space. You can take it with you wherever and not have it take up a lot of pocket room, as well.

When you’re not using the charging station, you have the option to fold up the Apple Watch charging pad for optimal portability. Another great convenience of this adapter is that the pad has foreign object detection and overheating and overcharging protection, so you don’t have to worry about your devices getting hot or overcharged if they’re left on for too long. The indicator lights at the front of the power station light up in red, green, or purple to let you know charging is in progress.

Grab the OMNIA Q3 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Power Adapter today on sale for $109.95 for a limited time.

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