This puzzle could make you a millionaire!

Once you assemble this puzzle, you'll soon recognize it is a QR code. Scan it with your device and win money! (StackCommerce)

It’s not like you haven’t done your fair share of puzzles over the last couple of years, and now that life is getting back to something a little closer to normal, and the dog days of summer are getting ever closer, you may want to give your jigsawing a little rest. But wait … how about just one more? One that could have you winning a cool mil!

Yes, as we spent hours and hours carefully reconstructing images of our favorite travel destinations, or cute puppies and kittens, or for those of us who really wanted to challenge ourselves, a puzzle consisting of 1,000 pure white tiny pieces, we were actually doing something good for ourselves … something good for our brain. It seems that this quiet pastime can actually help us learn how to problem-solve, improve our short-term memory and visual-spatial reasoning, and develop our focus. It’s a great stress reliever, and an optimum activity to do either with the family for lovely bonding moments, or on your own as an escape from the chaos.

And while this 2 Million Dollar Puzzle can also attribute to all the above, the real attraction for this particular jigsaw is that it could make you rich … literally. All you need to do is assemble the puzzle, and then scan it with your device (you’ll soon recognize that it’s a QR code). When the scanning is enabled, a notification will appear, letting you know what you’ve won—anywhere from a buck to one million dollars. Everyone is a winner – and two of you will end up being lucky millionaires!

For only $30, you can order yours now and while you’re waiting for delivery, you can start dreaming about where you’re going to spend your windfall. A house? A car? A dream vacation? With a little luck, it could be yours.

Prices subject to change.