How to make your home safer for arthritis patients

For those living with arthritis, safety can be an issue in the home. To keep arthritis patients safe, consider these home alterations.

Bathtubs and showers

Everyday tasks like getting in and out of the bathtub can be hard for those with arthritis. One way to assist arthritis patients is to install a bar on the wall next to the tub. This will assist patients in getting out of the tub.

To prevent slips, putting anti-slip strips on the bottom of the bathtub and the shower floor can also help keep arthritis patients safe while bathing.

Another option to include in a shower is a bench that will allow arthritis patients to sit down while they shower instead of trying to keep their balance while standing.

Converting your shower or bathtub to make it a walk-in is also a helpful alteration.


Trying to get on and off the toilet can be difficult for people with arthritis. Installing a raised toilet seat can make it easier for patients and take some pressure off of their knee joints.


For some people with arthritis, walking around the house can be difficult. To keep them safe in their home it may be necessary to make some changes.

For homes with area rugs, taping down the edges of the rugs will help reduce the chance of patients tripping over the rugs.

Try to avoid using throw rugs, as they can be easily tripped over.

For homes with wood or vinyl floors, try to use non-wax finishes to prevent the floors from becoming too slippery.


Walking up and down the stairs can be difficult for those with arthritis. Make sure there is a handrail on both sides of the steps to help prevent falls.

Also make sure each step is clearly visible to avoid tripping.


To help prevent trips and falls, make sure homes are well lit. Some simple changes are to use brighter light bulbs and to keep your window treatments open to let in more light.