Did you make the famous TikTok feta pasta? Show us how it turned out!

There is noting better than cheese and pasta, right? (Pexels.)

TikTok is great for so many things (no, really, it’s crazy how much information you can learn on the silly app), but one of the best things to happen is when a new food trend goes viral.

One of the latest food trends to make the rounds across the internet is the now-famous feta cheese pasta.

It’s pretty simple: you roast cherry tomatoes and a block of feta cheese in olive oil (otherwise known as the confit method of cooking) until the cheese is melty and the tomatoes are jammy. You stir in your favorite cooked pasta in, and enjoy.

It’s super quick, simple, inexpensive and tastes delicious.

It has been super fun to see people on social media perfect this ready-to-go recipe, but it’s even better seeing people riff on it.

In addition to confit tomatoes, I’ve seen people add red onion, peppers and even Brussels sprouts with the tomatoes -- and lots of others have been subbing out the feta for other cheeses, like goat cheese or mozzarella.

The combinations are seriously endless, which is why we want to see what kind of creation you came up with!

You can submit a photo of your TikTok pasta, and you can even add a caption telling us how it tasted and if you changed anything up.

Thanks again, TikTok!

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