5 new albums you should be listening to this weekend

From Taylor Swift to Tegan and Sara

Carly Rae Jepsen performs in concert during Primavera Sound on May 31, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Xavi Torrent/WireImage) (@XaviTorrent, 2019 Xavi Torrent)

New albums always come out on Fridays, but on Oct. 21, it seems that everyone and their mother put out some new music.

So to help you sort through it all, let’s go through some of this weekend’s most notable releases, and I’ll let you know what albums are worth a listen, and which ones are worth a skip.

‘The Car’ by Arctic Monkeys

It’s hard to believe this is Arctic Monkey’s seventh full-length album, but here we are. It’s been four years since their ridiculously good concept album “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino,” and it seems that “The Car” picks up where the last album left out.

Fans fell in love with Arctic Monkeys due to their heavy guitar rifts, but their sound has evolved so much over the years. This new album is heavy on funky bass lines, sprawling string orchestrations and jazzy piano chords. Of course, there is lead singer Alex Turner’s sultry voice, which is sounding better than ever. If you’re a fan of this British band, you will fall in love with this one.

‘Midnights’ by Taylor Swift

Swifties rejoice, because your girl Taylor Swift is back with another new album. I’m not sure how she keeps on churning them out (remember when she released two albums while we were in lockdown?), and it seems that “Midnights” might be her most ambitious album yet.

Swift worked with her frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff to make this album, and it’s probably the most pop we’ve seen her since her “Reputation” era. Based on people’s reactions on Twitter, if you’re a Swiftie you absolutely love the album, and if she isn’t your cup of tea then you’re probably listening to the new Carly Rae Jepsen album instead.

‘The Loneliest Time’ by Carly Rae Jepsen

Speaking of Carly Rae Jepsen, she had a new album come out on Friday, too! I may be a bit biased, but to me, this is the best pop album of the year.

Jepsen has a way of writing romantic songs about falling in love and heartbreak with big ‘80s pop energy. The choruses are big, the bass slaps and the synths are layered and heavy. You just tell that Jepsen had the most fun recording this album. I will be playing it over and over again this weekend, that’s for sure.

“Dig Me In: A Dig Me Out Covers Album” by Sleater-Kinney

The riot grrrl band Sleater-Kinney is celebrating 25 years of their seminal album “Dig Me Out” with a new album of other artists covering the songs from the album, and wow is it good.

Artists like St. Vincent, Wilco, Courtney Barnett, Jason Isbell and Margo Price take their own spins on some of Sleater-Kinney’s most classic songs. If you’re a fan of the band, you know that all of these musicians are friends of the band, but you can also tell that they are big fans of the group, as well.

Standouts include Price’s country rock cover of “Turn It On,” and Barnett’s cover of “Words and Guitars.”

‘Crybaby’ by Tegan and Sara

Canadian twin sisters Tegan and Sara are back with their tenth full-length album, which is absolutely insane if you’ve been a fan of the duo the entire time.

Tegan and Sara have perfected their indie pop sound over the years, and it feels like it’s fully realized on “Crybaby.” The subject matter of the songs feels a lot more serious and grown up (like a lot of artists coming out with music right now, they wrote the album during the pandemic), but their signature sound is still present.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t get too overshadowed by some of the other new music coming out this weekend, because Tegan and Sara deserve it all.

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