‘Back in the 1800s, the Black cowboy was the only cowboy’

We put some of our favorite ‘Something Good’ clips into a bonus episode for Black History Month

"Something Good"
"Something Good" (Graham Media Group 2021)

Do you have fun plans this weekend?

Yes, we do realize that pandemic life remains different for everyone.

“Fun plans” in 2021 might not be exactly what you had envisioned about a year ago. But let’s take what we can get, you know? Maybe the weather will be nice. Perhaps you could pick a new show to watch on Netflix or Disney+. Here’s a recommendation for “WandaVision.” (It sounds so good!)

Back to TV ideas though: It got us thinking. You know what else you could do this weekend? Especially if you need a dose of positivity in your life? Watch our special “Something Good” episode in honor of Black History Month.

Now, the stories aren’t ALL historical -- but who knows what might be history-making in the years to come, right? They’ll all bring a smile to your face, that we can confirm. And you just might learn a thing or two.

Really though -- this incredible story about Black cowboys, or, to be precise, the Black Cowboy Museum, which sits just outside Houston, will blow you away.

“Back in the 1800s, the Black cowboy was the only cowboy,” Larry Callies tells us.

Want to see the feature for yourself and learn more? The segment is featured in that Black History Month episode we just mentioned -- right around the 18:40 mark.

Here, we’ll drop it below, as well:

The whole show is just heart-warming. From a 7-year-old who teaches other children math on YouTube (among other subjects -- he and his mom are a riot), to a barber who was forced to get innovative, due to the COVID-19 pandemic (you have to see his jazzed-up haircut van!), this is all such good stuff.

Here are some other new YouTube videos we’ve posted as of late, for once you finish that episode, of course. 🙂

Teen turns love letters into a book

2-time Grammy award winner saves theater

Tuskegee Airman honored

Men at work, making toys

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Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas as far as what to watch, what you’ll do and how you’ll stay busy as February winds to a close.

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