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No. 1 killer of women in America is heart disease

SAN ANTONIO – February is Heart Health Month, and HealthTexas has some helpful tips on how to keep your heart healthy!

Did you know that the No. 1 killer of women in America is heart disease?

This is a great time to learn more about how important good heart health is and how to take the necessary steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Kristi Clark, president and CEO of HealthTexas is here to help answer SA Live viewers questions about heart health.

Question 1: What is the difference between a heart attack and a stroke?

"There's an interruption in blood flow which delivers oxygen, said Clark. "When the blood flow to the heart gets interrupted, that's a heart attack and when the blood flow to the brain gets interrupted that would be called a stroke."

Question 2: If I have diabetes, am I at great risk for having heart disease?

"Diabetes is the biggest risk factor for having diabetes," Clark said. "Sixty-five percent of diabetics die from cardiovascular disease. As a diabetic, you should keep your blood sugar level less than 140, keep your cholesterol low, keep your blood pressure less than 180 and make sure you're exercising."

Question 3: What is a normal level for my cholesterol to be at if I'm at risk for heart disease due to family history?

"It's important to work with your physician if you do have high cholesterol," Clark said. "Diet and exercise can help change some of that, but many times we may need medications to help bring down the cholesterol."

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Information courtesy of HealthTexas Primary Care Doctors.

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