Bexar County, University Health launch mask campaign asking people to share #whyIwearamasksa

KSAT Community partners are supporting the effort


Bexar County and University Health have teamed up to encourage people to continue wearing face masks now that masks are no longer mandated in Texas.

Officials said people may be tempted to let their guard down but said the fight against COVID-19 is not over. So they’re encouraging people to share the reasons why they still choose to wear a mask on social media with the hashtags #WhyIWearAMaskSA and #BexarTogether, or in Spanish, #MiCubrebocaSA and #BexarJuntos.

University Health System suggests wearing a face mask when in public or any time six feet of physical distance is hard to maintain.

“With the Why I Wear a Mask campaign, we intend to engage our community to show their support for mask-wearing and give the practice a personal touch, said In partnership with media and public entities, we will encourage people to share their personal stories of why they choose to wear a mask, reinforcing the practice with them and their peer groups and bolstering a sense of community response to the crisis,” said Anita Martin, a representative for University Health.

Wearing a mask is important since it protects others and helps to reduce your own risk of infection.

Tell us why you wear a mask – it could be for someone special in your life or because you care about our community and want to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“Masks protect all of us, and I choose to wear a mask to protect my family and others around me,” said George B. Hernández Jr., President and CEO of University Health. “University Health has been at the forefront of this battle against COVID-19 since the beginning. We know firsthand how wearing masks and other science-based steps prevent transmission and save lives.”

KSAT Community partners have also joined in the efforts to encourage people to keep wearing masks in public settings.

How to participate in the campaign:

  • Take a selfie (photo or video [30 seconds max]) in your mask and share on social media
  • In the caption, tell us why you wear your mask
  • Be sure to use the hashtags #WhyIWearAMaskSA and #BexarTogether
  • Challenge 3 friends to participate
  • Click the hashtag #WhyIWearAMaskSA to learn why others in San Antonio wear a mask

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