Prom vs. wedding: These high school sweethearts show off their stunning transformations

'It's nice to see where people started and see where they ended up,' woman says

Photo by Jeremy Wong from Pexels.

It’s not often you hear of high school sweethearts who actually “make it” in the long term, but it happens. We have to admit, it’s pretty touching to see.

Sydnie Haag recently posted a side-by-side comparison of her and her new husband, Bailey, from prom and then their wedding day, on Twitter.

"I was looking back at old photos and thinking how different my husband looked and how young we looked," Haag told "Good Morning America." "I posted it on Twitter and didn't think much of it."

That post that she "didn’t think much of" went viral seemingly overnight.

Haag said she was surprised to see the response she got as others began to follow suit.

Haag told GMA seeing her post start trending was a positive thing.

“It made me feel happy because I’m the type of person that likes looking at pictures and looking at people’s stories,” she said. “It’s nice to see where people started and see where they ended up.”

Haag said there are some things that are important to keep private and added that people should understand their limits when posting things to social media regarding their relationships.

Her advice: The world doesn't necessarily need to know what's happening behind the scenes.

Well put.

h/t Good Morning America

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