Jurors raise concerns over parking costs

Jurors must pay for own parking downtown


SAN ANTONIO – Several prospective jurors at the Bexar County Justice Center were upset over having to pay for their own parking, despite being forced to come downtown for jury duty.

"I don't think we should asked to pay more to do out civic duty," said Larry Zimmerman, a prospective juror.

Several others in the area agreed.

As of now, those summoned to jury duty can park in the Bexar County parking garage for $2 after presenting a validated ticket.

If chosen to serve, however, the discount goes away, and the price goes up to $10 per day.

The county does reimburse jurors chosen to serve at a rate of $34 per day, but the money often doesn't arrive for a week or two.

That means, at least initially, jurors must pay out of pocket.

"I'm already missing work for this," said David Villarreal, a prospective juror. "It stinks that I have to lose more."

The county said the cost of downtown parking is extremely high, however, and they simply can't afford to pay for everyone's parking.

They do offer free bus rides for jurors on Via using a voucher system, and if jurors park at the Alamodome bus stop, a trolley will take them across town.