Autistic boy meets hero who saved him in traffic

Autistic boy meets hero who saved him in traffic

Heather Petty and 7-year-old Raul Flores thank Christian Vasquez. Vasquez caught the boy after he fled a school bus Thursday.

SAN ANTONIO – The autistic boy who ran off his school bus yesterday, has now met the man who saved his life. The family of 7-year-old Raul Flores considers Christian Vasquez a hero. He stopped his car when he saw Flores nearly crossing 410.

"Just to get him I did not want him to get run over, just get him home safe," said good Samaritan Christian Vasquez.

Vasquez met with the boy's family and even brought him a stuffed animal and several toys. Flores attends Colonial Hills Elementary. Surveillance video released from Northeast ISD showed Raul in the front seat, and moments later walking off.

According to the school district, Flores' bus stopped at a designated bus stop to let another child off. The bus aid was off the bus with that child when Flores walked out. He then crossed the access road near 410, and made it all the way to the retaining wall of the freeway.

After reviewing the surveillance tape, the district has decided, with the approval of Flores' mother, to have him ride with a safety harness in addition to the seat belt.

Also, they have decided to add a second bus aid on the bus. Family members say Christian Vasquez is a hero.

"He really didn't have to but took the time out to stop and do a good deed," said Heather Petty, family of Raul Flores.

Vasquez said he'll do a good deed again even if it means risking his life.

"I'll do it for anybody, anybody old young, it doesn't matter," said Vasquez.