Facebook helping San Antonians relive memories

History and stories a part of the attraction


SAN ANTONIO – Modern technology is taking San Antonio residents back in time, and allowing them to share memories.

Jerry Clayworth started the Facebook page San Antonio Back in the Day.

"I take pride in the fact that I am a lifelong San Antonian," he said.

And thus the reason for the page.

Clayworth, 47, was born at the Nix Hospital downtown and wanted a place where people could learn a little history and talk about the places and great times they have had at iconic places around town.

There are a lot of historical pictures shared on the page, like the first one known of the Alamo taken a decade after the siege. 

Also available on the page are shots of old San Antonio, an early meter reader, cops on Harley motorcycles, Austin Highway and the corner of San Pedro and Vance Jackson -- with nothing on it.

"Those kind of of images everyone loves (and they) just takes you back in time, " Clayworth said.

Some of the best pictures are those of families enjoying the sights and sounds of the old city. 

A KSAT-12 News producer put up a picture of her and her sister in front of the Brackenridge Eagle train back in 1962. There are pictures of family members walking on the downtown streets.

There are photos of iconic places -- some still standing, like the Kiddy Park, the Pig Stand and the downtown Joske's.

There are long-gone icons, like the Butter Krust bread factory on Broadway.

The most interesting part of the page is that people can not only see the history, but they can talk about their memories, too.

Letting people read and post their own memories is one of the main reasons the page exists, Clayworth said.

"The stories you read about, you're reading out of love -- the memories are of of love for the city," Clayworth said.

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