San Antonio girl, 6, struck, killed by ice cream truck

Driver not expected to face charges in girl's death

SAN ANTONIO – A young girl was struck and killed by an ice cream truck on the Southwest Side Thursday afternoon.

San Antonio police investigators said the 6-year-old girl -- identified by family members as April Soliz -- was hit around 2:30 p.m. in the 5300 block of Prairie Flower Drive near Sweet Maiden.

Witnesses say April Soliz jumped onto the back of the ice cream truck, but then slipped off and ended up underneath the truck.

Her aunt, Brenda Olguin, said the tragedy was no accident.

"Kids were saying that (the driver) didn't stop, and he had got off and said, 'I thought you were all playing, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.'  He was shocked too himself ... I'm pretty sure if you run over something, you'll feel the bump," said Olguin.

Investigators, however, said the driver didn't know she was there and began backing up.

"He was unaware that the little girl had jumped on the back of the truck and she slipped off the bumper and fell under the vehicle and as he was backing up, he didn't notice her until one of the little girl's friends was yelling at him to stop," said San Antonio police Sgt. Rudy Lopez.

They say the 50-year-old driver will more than likely not face any charges for any wrongdoing for the little girl's death.

Neighbors said it's very typical to see kids jump on the back of ice cream trucks.

Clarissa Ceja said she is worried the tragedy may happen to another child, since they don't realize how dangerous that behavior is.

"When I'm around, I stop the truck, but they're kids. They go crazy for the ice cream man," said Ceja.

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