Stores offer summer discounts on gasoline

HEB program cuts price 11 cents a gallon; Walmart 10 to 15 cents

Just in time for Memorial Day road trips, HEB and Walmart brought back their programs that shave a dime or more off each gallon of gas.

Filling up at the McCreless HEB,  Carlos De La Fuente was pumped.

"That saved me almost two dollars there," he said. "That's almost an extra gallon of free gas I get to put in my car."

HEB shoppers can buy a reloadable gift card in the store, swipe it at the pumps and that knocks off 11 cents for each gallon.

"Eleven cents means a lot to me because I'm always buying gas," said  Ram Ramirez, who operates his own lawn care business. "I'm always gassing up my truck. I've got weed eaters, lawnmower."

Walmart is offering a similar deal. Shoppers get 10 cents off each gallon when using a reloadable Walmart gift card. The discount is 15 cents if a store credit card or money card is used.

The lure of the discounts comes as families rev up for summer road trips.

AAA predicts 2.6 million Texans will hit the road for the long Memorial Day weekend, about a 2 percent increase over last year.

The price at the pump is the same as last  year at $3.37 a gallon as of Monday.

The store discounts continue through Sept. 8.

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