Sources: Texas Mexican Mafia enforcer suspected of ordering hit on Balcones officer

Ruben Reyes, 36, also arrested in 3 unsolved murders

SAN ANTONIO – Sources tell KSAT 12 that an alleged Texas Mexican Mafia enforcer is suspected of ordering the hit on Balcones Heights police Officer Julian Pesina in May.

Ruben Reyes, 36, was in federal court Wednesday to answer to charges, including those related to his involvement in at least three other unsolved murder cases.

Reyes was arrested Wednesday morning by FBI agents and brought to the Federal court for an initial hearing.

"He was brought before the magistrate judge and he was advised of the criminal charges against him," said David Shearer, an assistant U.S. attorney.

According to a criminal complaint, Reyes is accused of killing three high-ranking members of the Texas Mexican Mafia who had been removed from power after being accused of mishandling $60,000 and making poor decisions in the gangs day to day operations.

Shearer said the motive for the killings appears to be pretty cut and dry.

"I think in this case it was taking care of unfinished business in the mafia," Shearer said.

The victims are identified as Mark Anthony Bernal, a former captain in the Texas Mexican Mafia; Carlos Chapa, a former general; and Johnny Solis, the former lieutenant of lieutenants.

All three were killed on Jan. 13, 2014.

Shearer said Reyes, who was known on the streets as "Menace," was a dangerous man.

"Mr. Reyes, according to the criminal complaint, killed three fellow TMM members all in one day, so I'd say that's pretty far up there on the danger scale," Shearer said.

Reyes told investigators he was involved in those slayings when he went to SAPD investigators earlier this month after he was the target of a failed hit by the Texas Mexican Mafia. He was shot in the back but survived the attack by four men.

He told investigators the bodies of the men he killed were buried in shallow graves in Pearsall.

While there is nothing in the criminal complaint, sources tell KSAT 12 that Reyes also ordered the hit on Pesina, who is believed to have had ties to the Texas Mexican Mafia and was under investigation when he was killed.

Reyes' involvement in Pesina's death is part of an ongoing investigation.

Ryes is facing up to life in federal prison for the crimes.

Below is the full criminial complaint filed against Reyes:

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