Bexar County clerk prepared if same-sex marriage ban lifted

Gerald "Gerry" Rickhoff will open office 24-7 if necessary, calls ban a violation of civil rights

SAN ANTONIO – Calling the Texas ban on same-sex marriage a civil rights violation, Bexar County Clerk Gerald "Gerry" Rickhoff is promising to open his office 24-7 if the ban is lifted.  He says the move is not to make a religious of political  statement.

Rickhoff says his decision is simply a matter of doing what he was elected to do.

"I think you have to be prepared to execute a mission when things change," Rickhoff said. "When the law  changes by legislation in Austin or judicial order, we have to, in government, be able to facilitate the needs of the community."

Rickhoff's position on the same sex-sex marriage ban is not in step with his party's 2014 platform, which opposes gay marriage.

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