Do you have to sign the traffic ticket?

You've been pulled over. The officer has written you a ticket (even though you insist you weren't breaking the law). What should you do?

Officer Marcus Trujillo with the San Antonio Police Department has this advice:

"Do you have to sign the ticket? Well, yes and no. Signing the ticket is not an admission of guilt. A lot of people are afraid to sign the ticket because they believe that by signing the ticket, they're admitting to whatever is on the ticket. However, signing that ticket is merely your promise to appear in court at a specified time and date. Now if you don't sign the ticket, that's your option. If you refuse to sign the ticket, then you'll be taken before the magistrate right then and there."

What if your ticket was written in another state? If you're thinking it won't catch up with you, think again.

Sergeant Frank Bellino with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office explains:

"It would probably be in your best interest (to take care of the ticket). The State of Texas is now making a transformation where anything that is in the violator compact act will affect your driver's license in Texas. Best to take care of it. Especially if you plan on going back there someday. You would hate to be on vacation five years later and find out you have a warrant and get put in jail."

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