Father of injured flood victim talks about missing family's fate

Joe McComb's son hospitalized at SAMMC after home swept away during floods

WIMBERLEY, Texas – Joe McComb's son is alive, but badly injured. The rest of his family has not been found after they were swept away by floodwaters in Wimberley.

"In times like these you need a savior," he said.

McComb is leaning on his faith. His son, Jonathan McComb, survived Saturday's deadly floods, but the rest of the family, plus family friends, are still missing.

Jonathan's wife Laura and their two young children, Andrew and Leighton, were staying at the vacation home with friends Randy and Michelle Charba, their son Will, and Michelle's parents, Ralph and Sue Carey.

"He said they used flashlights to look out to see what the water level was," Joe McComb said.

Joe relayed his son's story, saying when floodwaters rose, they became trapped. The home was knocked loose, sent raging down the river straight into a bridge that ripped the roof off.

"The top came off, then the house just began to disintegrate. He said the volume and action of the water sent people in all different directions. That was the last he saw of anybody," Joe McCombs said.

Jonathan was found miles away on the river bank with a broken rib, a punctured lung, and a fractured sternum. He's now recovering at SAMMC.

"Obviously he's hurting, emotionally and physically," Joe said.

Wednesday brought devastating news that Michelle Charba's body was found. There is still no word about the other seven who are still missing.

"We're eternally optimistic, but yet at the same time we're realistic. We understand that the clock is ticking," Joe said.

The McCombs' yellow lab Maggie, who was in the house, was found alive.

"That's been the one positive we've had to this point," Joe McComb said.

He said it gives him hope that the rest of the family is alive too.

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