SE Side woman reaches out to city for flood help

Woman says home has flooded 5 times in 5 years

SAN ANTONIO – Every time it heavily rains in Southeast San Antonio, Sandra Lees and her husband are left cleaning up the mess.

It's gotten to the point where they're having to call on the city for help.

"We're losing everything, slowly but surely," Lees said.

Fans, sandbags and a wet vacuum aren't enough to protect their home in the 200 block of Elaine Road.

Lees said in the five years she's lived in the home, it's taken in flood waters about five times.

Her dining room, living room and back room took about three inches on water on Sunday. She said the kitchen is the only room safe from water.

"I've got furniture in there that's not fancy but it's mine, and I don't want to lose what little I have left," Lees said.

She said she's already pulled carpet out and thrown away boxes of belongings because of rainwater.

Lees has called the city's 311 number for help since she believes the landscape on Elaine Road is to blame. 

A spokeswoman from the city's Transportation and Capital Improvements Department said the city does not maintain the ditch but that workers from the stormwater engineering department will be headed to the area this week to see if anything can be done.

With more rain in the forecast, Lees said she is already worried about the next storm.

"If they would just come in and do something to get it away from the house, it would be so much easier," Lees said. "I don't mind a little bit coming in but not gushing at all doors."

Lees and her husband have renter's insurance but said it does not cover flood damage.