Tips to help your pets get through holiday celebrations

SAN ANTONIO – The Fourth of July holiday is right around the corner and that means a lot of festivities are underway. Though the Independence Day celebrations are fun for humans, for pets they can be terrifying.

Animal Care Services said pet owners should plan ahead and take precautions to keep your four-legged friends safe this holiday weekend.

Since pets don't like loud noises the following are ways you can help calm their nerves:

Leave them at home in a secured, quiet area where they will be safe.

- Don't leave pets unattended outside, even in a fenced yard or on chain. Animals tend to overreact when they're scared and could dig a hole under the fence to escape.

- Bring them indoors, especially at night, to give your pet some peace and quiet. Fear of the fireworks can also cause your pet to become entangled in their tether.

- Find a closed-off spot inside your home for the pet to relax.

- Provide some toys and a treat to keep it occupied while you're out.

- Protect your pet from pranksters. Many animal cruelty cases start out as what some consider "harmless pranks." But there's nothing harmless about shooting fireworks at a pet.  

A collar and microchip ID can help your pet get back home if they get lost. 

If you have any questions or concerns on how to help your furry friend this Fourth of July weekend, call your vet or speak with your local pet store for different types of remedies available to soothe your pet's nerves.

And remember, Friday is an official city holiday, but ACS will be open for adoptions and for people to reclaim their pets. All pet-related calls can be made to 311.