SA Airport breaks ground on rental car facility

SAN ATONIO – An idea proposed in 2011 was finally implemented Tuesday at the San Antonio International Airport. The city broke ground on a new facility to house rental car companies.

The seven-story garage will be home to 13 car businesses, and will also provide short-term public parking for airport visitors.

The project is expected to be completed by March 2018 and will cost the city roughly $165.6 million.

Aviation Director, Frank Miller believes the new facility will bring a better experience for guests traveling to, and from San Antonio.

"We are that first impression and the last impression, especially for a rental car person at the airport," Miller said. "Once this facility is open, it's a convenient walk from the terminal building across the sky bridge. (You) don't have to worry about crossing the street and conflicting with the traffic."

As for now, there are two lots for parking: the red lot is used for long-term parking purposes, and the green lot; where shuttle service is provided.