Father in shock after murder charge against son

Steven Outlaw says son has been in and out of rehab

DEVINE, Texas – More light is being shed on a crime spree that occurred Saturday in rural Medina County. Shane Outlaw remains in the county jail charged with killing one man and injuring another.

Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown said that Outlaw was given a ride on Saturday by his step-grandfather, Melvin Baker. Brown said Outlaw pushed Baker out of his truck and then sped off towards the D'Hanis ranch where he later killed James Allen Rodriguez and shot Rodriguez’s brother-in-law.

According to the sheriff, Outlaw shot both men with Rodriguez's hunting rifle and then stole Rodriguez's Hummer. The vehicle burst into flames after Outlaw crashed it. Its charred remains currently sits in an impound lot at the Medina County Jail in Hondo.

KSAT spoke with Steve Outlaw on Monday at Shane’s childhood home. He said his son has been in and out of rehab and that they were coming to grips with the charges against Outlaw.