Pair arrested in Castle Hills with carload of stolen loot

The car the suspects were found in was also reported stolen out of Austin

CASTLE HILLS, Texas – Castle Hills police arrested a pair of male suspects Friday morning at a pawn shop near Blanco and Loop 410 and found dozens of stolen items in their vehicle.

“The officers discovered burglary tools, proceeds from burglaries, items that were stolen from at least two different victims,” said Castle Hills police Chief Wayne Davis.

The car the suspects were found in was also reported stolen out of Austin.

“They'll be facing a wide variety of charges such as unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of firearm by felon, theft, possession of narcotics just to name a few,” said Davis.

Police believe many of the items were stolen in the last 48 hours and were able to reach at least one of the victims.

“We were actually on our way up north of Dallas to visit a grandson and his family and we were about halfway to New Braunfels when we got the call and had to go back to the hotel and confirm some things were missing and then we came over to the police station,” said Troy Norman.

Norman recovered some personal items along with a bolt-action shotgun and two hunting rifles.

“I've had them fifty years, yeah, I'd say sentimental value,” said Norman. “I don't hardly ever use them anymore but they're still mine you know.”

The two suspects also had felony warrants for their arrest. Some of the burglaries occurred at a hotel near Loop 1604 and Highway 151. Possible victims are asked to call 342-2341 to identify items that may have been taken from them.

The suspects were seen on surveillance video at the pawn shop where they were arrested. Police have put a hold on every item they pawned to try to return them to their rightful owners.