Groupon: SA tops list for tattoo deals

Local artists question whether top billing means better ink

SAN ANTONIOA new poll by Groupon reveals that San Antonio is the No. 1 city in the U.S. when it comes to deals on body art.

According to the global e-commerce marketplace, the most popular tattoo trend in the Alamo City is gnarly, gray-scale skulls wrapped in colorful flowers.

But some local artists say the top ranking may not mean better ink.

Sean Rendon, a tattoo artist at the Buda Box on the city's Northwest Side, said tattoo popularity may be diluting the craft.

"(It's) not easy to do. It's just so accessible for anybody nowadays," Rendon said.

Fellow tattoo artist Mattie Mendez, who has been giving tattoos for almost four years, said while customer demand has been a good thing for the business, it has also attracted a caliber of tattoo artists that he feels aren't very good.

"There's a lot of people that'll stand with me on the fact that it's not as appreciated as it should be in our community," Mendez said. "It's kind of taken for granted by a lot of people."

While tattoos are popular, not all of them last forever. Some people end up regretting getting a tat.

And that's where another Texas city took top tattoo honors. Austin came out on top in 2105 for tattoo removals in the U.S., according to Groupon.

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