Garney Construction to take over Vista Ridge pipeline

SAWS confirms change after Abengoa troubles


SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Water System confirmed Wednesday that Garney Construction may be taking over leadership of the Vista Ridge pipeline project.

Abengoa, which was originally selected to lead the project, is taking a back seat after financial troubles.

Garney, which was first named in the contract as a construction partner, will assume the majority stake in the project. Abengoa will maintain a 20 percent stake as a silent partner.

According to SAWS, the terms of the project will not change. Garney has long been a trusted partner of the water system, SAWS said.

"The contract stays the same that our council approved back in October of 2014, so the protections for our ratepayers are still in place," SAWS CEO Robert Puente said.

Final approval of the change of leadership is up to the SAWS board, which is expected to make a decision later this month.