Miracle Mattress owner issues plans to reopen after disrespectful 9/11 advertisement

Owner says store will train new employees to prevent future similar incidents

SAN ANTONIO – Miracle Mattress, the store responsible for advertising a spoof of the 9/11 attack with mattresses, said it wants to apologize for its disrespectful and offensive advertisement.

“Our Miracle Mattress family has struggled with how to respond to the pain we caused and the deserved national outrage over this regrettable decision. Our most important step was to close our doors and remain silent through the 9/11 Anniversary,” the store’s owner, Mike Bonanno, in a statement to KSAT 12 News.

Bonanno said he and his employees learned that their actions and words impact more than just their customers and that anything they put out to the public is a reflection of the company.

"The ad and its launch was startling," said J. Charlene Davis, a PhD and professor of Marketing at Trinity University. "I think they've done the right things and the right steps. One is to be very timely in your response."

Bananno said the best thing the store can do is reopen as soon as possible and train staff to prevent this from happening again.

The store will make a donation to Tuesday’s Children in New York to support youth, families and communities impacted by terrorism and traumatic loss.

Bonanno said he would like to apologize to the families impacted by 9/11 and to the residents of San Antonio.

“We are truly sorry and regret the pain we have caused. We ask for forgiveness. To San Antonio, we simply say we are sorry for putting our community at the forefront of a national disgrace. We ask for forgiveness and an opportunity to earn support in the future,” he said in a statement.

Here is the commercial I posted about earlier. Disgusting. Miracle Mattress, off of 410

Posted by Jenée Lewis on Thursday, September 8, 2016

Miracle Mattress Apology Statement

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