23 children welcomed into forever families during mass adoption ceremony

18 families adopted children 1-17 years old

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SAN ANTONIO – Anyone in the jury room of the Bexar County Courthouse on Friday could feel the joy and see the miles-wide smiles as the adoptions of 23 children became official in a mass adoption ceremony. 

Among them was a boy 17 years old -- an age at which officials say is uncommon to be adopted.  

But for Lacey and Melvin Bartlett, Michael Reser was the perfect fit. 

"He's officially and forevermore a part of our family," Lacey Bartlett said. "Its life-changing."

At first, Reser wasn't sure he wanted to be adopted. In fact, a family was interested in adopting him last year, but he declined. 

Reser then met the Bartletts and their son, Jimmy. 

"I fell in love with their family, and I met Jimmy later on on a visit and would love to be his bigger brother," Reser said. 

Eighteen children and their new families gathered to hear a judge call their name and say, "The adoption is granted."

As each of the 18 names was called, the crowd, including 13-month-old Carlos Longoria, cheered and applauded.
"We didn't change his life. He changed ours," said Alma Longoria, who, along with her husband, Serapio, officially adopted Carlos. 

"We got a call and they told us that there was a three-week-old baby ready for a home, and we said, 'Yes,'" Longoria said. "And he showed up at our doorstep at 8 p.m. We've loved him ever since."

Babies, toddlers and teenagers all belong to a family now, after the words "The adoption is granted."

"He's staying with us forever," Longoria said. 

"He completed us," Lacey Bartlett said. 

November is National Adoption Month. 

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