11 injured after driver accidentally crashes into NW Side Tommy's Restaurant, officials say

1 person hospitalized

SAN ANTONIO – Several people were injured and a Northwest Side restaurant had to shut down for the weekend after someone drove through the building during lunchtime.

The crash happened just after 11 a.m. Saturday. Workers of Tommy’s Restaurant said the café has only been open for about a month and now they have to shut down for the Easter holiday.

A woman was reportedly trying to park her car but instead hit the gas pedal in front of the restaurant’s entrance, officials said.

Eleven people were injured. One person was taken to the hospital and everyone else was treated at the scene.

Officers said no one suffered serious injuries.

The crash left a gaping hole in the restaurant’s entrance. Workers hope to reopen by Tuesday.

EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this story included information from the San Antonio Police Department that stated six people were hospitalized. The San Antonio Fire Department has clarified that one person was hospitalized and 10 others were treated at the scene.

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