Drug bust leads border agents to large human smuggling operation

Seventy people found in stash house near Roma


ROMA, TEXAS – Border Patrol agents making a big pot bust found a more stunning crime Friday near the border town of Roma.

Agents found seventy people jammed into a stash house by human smugglers.

The Border Patrol says information obtained at a house where the drug bust happened led them to the stash house and the crowd of undocumented immigrants.

The seventy undocumented men and women are from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

They were offered medical attention before the Border Patrol took them in for processing.

Agents say this find disrupts a human smuggling operation.

Texas DPS, Roma PD and Rio Grande City PD assisted with the smuggling bust.

The pot bust that later led to the stash house totaled 320 pounds wrapped in 34 bundles.

Starr County deputies and border agents made that pot bust.

The county took custody of the drugs and one undocumented suspect. 

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