Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office make arrest in deadly shooting

Bruce Kittelson, 58, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

The Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office has made an arrest in connection with the shooting death of a 48-year-old man.

Bruce Kittelson, 58, was arrested Monday and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

"For murder, you have to prove ... that he intended to kill him, and we're not sure at this point what the intent was,” said Sgt. Robert Murphy, who is in charge of the special investigations/cold case unit at the Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies responded to a call of reported gunshots in the 3100 block of Zion Hill Road in Guadalupe County. When they arrived, they found Rocky Weaver dead.

"They attempted to provide first aid, but he was deceased,” Murphy said.

Murphy said witnesses reported hearing the gunshots, but they didn't see where Weaver was shot.

"The suspect had fled the scene prior to our arrival," Murphy said. "But we had some witnesses there that were able to give a good description of the car and the individual."

Kittelson was arrested without incident three hours later after he was seen at an H-E-B.

Although Murphy said Kittelson and Weaver knew each other, it's not clear what the circumstances were surrounding the shooting.

Kittelson also has a criminal record. In the past, he has faced charges for theft, drug possession, DWI and family violence.

Kittelson is being held on a $500,000 bond.

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