'Another Side of Us' tries to dispel border myths

Project director: Talk of national emergency 'confusing to us'

McALLEN, Texas"Another Side of Us" tries to challenge President Donald Trump's description of the situation on the Southwest border as a “humanitarian and security crisis."

The video is a volunteer project by the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, Chamber project director Adan Garcia said.

“Hopefully, people will hear our side of the story," Garcia said. "That’s the whole point, just to give us a chance.”

The video was produced last summer in response to the national spotlight on the family separations at a federal detention center in McAllen.

Garcia said the video's message is meant to dispel any myths and misperceptions about life on the border.

He said, although there are more undocumented people now and most are families from Central America, the undocumented are nothing new in South Texas.

What’s changed, Garcia said, is the rhetoric about illegal immigration.

Trump said he may declare a national emergency as a way to pay for a border wall. The stalemate over its funding led to a partial government shutdown that still hasn't been resolved.

“It’s very confusing to us because that’s not what we live on a daily basis,” Garcia said.

He said McAllen has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation and a booming economy, and it’s a place where cultures co-exist.

“We’re hoping people want to know the truth,” Garcia said. “Sometimes you have to have a national conversation for people to realize the truth.”

Another Side of Us

Do you have friends or family outside the Valley who think you live in a dangerous city? There are many stereotypes we face, especially when some view a Latino-majority community as something to be feared. This is the start of a community project to show the world who we are and what life is really like in a border city like McAllen. We want the world to see the face of a community where Latinos have helped create a model for how far we can come as a nation, together. We all have stories that defy expectations. There’s never been a more important time to tell the world. Share you story #anothersideofus

Posted by Another Side of Us on Monday, August 6, 2018

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