Guards operated 'fight club' at Bexar County Jail: Lawsuit

Federal suit filed by former inmate

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SAN ANTONIO – A federal lawsuit filed in San Antonio this week accuses guards at the Bexar County Jail of establishing and operating an inmates "fight club."

The suit, filed Monday by the attorney for former inmate Rodolfo Carrazco, accuses jailers of unlocking Carrazco's jail cell and allowing other inmates to challenge him to a fight.

Carrazco "received severe injuries" requiring him to be hospitalized and operated on following the incident, the suit alleges.

He continues to suffer from injuries from the staged fights, according to the suit.

The suit does not indicate when the alleged incident took place.

Carrazco's attorney was not available for comment Friday.

Bexar County court records show that Carrazco has been in and out of the Bexar County Jail following arrests on various criminal offenses dating back to 2002.

BCSO officials released the following statement on Friday afternoon:

We identified the former Deputy in this case as Raul Gonzales. He was a probationary employee that was hired in August of 2016. A criminal case was filed against him in May of 2017. Gonzales was fired by this administration in June 2017 and was given a dishonorable discharge.

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