Traffic, taxes top voter concerns in District 9 for council candidates

Incumbent John Courage facing two opponents

SAN ANTONIO – Seeking his second term as a City Council member for District 9, Councilman John Courage takes a personal approach to the job.

“I simply tell my neighbors that I’m there to represent them,” Courage said. “I’m your neighbor on the City Council.”

Those "neighbors," he said, are concerned about taxes and traffic.

“There isn’t a lot of connectivity between some of the major thoroughfares in District 9, and I’m working with the city to make connectivity happen,” Courage said.

Other things on his priority list include public safety and health.

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Patrick Von Dohlen, who was defeated in a bid for the seat two years ago, is challenging Courage. Taxes top his priorities.

“I’m hoping that the state will pass their property tax cap, and then we will continue to look for ways to give property tax relief because that’s really -- out of all the things other than crime and traffic -- property tax relief is the primary issue for the people,” Von Dohlen said.

Taxes are also what residents are telling candidate Richard Versace that they want the council to address.

“Property tax is their concern,” he said. “I think we’ve been digested with tax.”

Versace is a personal trainer, physical therapist and former restaurant owner.

“I love small business,” he said. “I want San Antonio to be the light of Texas.”

His strong suit, Versace said, is simple: “I’m a good listener.”

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