South Side motel saw 100+ service calls for prostitution, narcotics, city attorney's office says

El Tejas Motel has been on the city's radar for 2 years

SAN ANTONIO – A South Side motel has been put on notice to clean up its property of crime and code violations, according to the City Attorney's Office.

El Tejas Motel, located in the 2700 block of Roosevelt Avenue, has been on the city's radar for two years.

"There's been over a hundred calls for police service related to narcotics, prostitution, disturbances with weapons, disturbances in general, burglaries and stolen vehicles," said Savita Rai, an assistant city attorney with the City Attorney's Office. The time period over which these calls took place isn't clear. 

The Dangerous Assessment Response Team, or DART, made a surprise inspection Tuesday morning.

The group included SAPD officers, Metro Health employees and officers with Animal Care Services, as well as others.

Several code violations were discovered during Tuesday's inspection.

"Electrical hazards, lack of smoke detectors, makeshift cover over an open sewer line, standing water in the pool that's a breeding ground for mosquitoes, the rooms themselves were in poor conditions and we also found two accessory structures that were extremely dilapidated," Rai said.

Animals, including stray animals, and drug paraphernalia were also found on the property, according to Rai.

"There were several children who live at the location, so the drug paraphernalia, especially the needles, are a direct threat to their safety," Rai said.

According to Rai, DART will investigate a business or residence if there's a two-year documented history of criminal activity or code violation history.

KSAT 12 reached out to the motel for comment over the phone. The manager and owner, who did not want to be named, said he took over the property 10 months ago.

"As an owner, I want my property to be clean," the motel owner said. He added that he is still waiting on a report with results from Tuesday's inspection.

 According to Rai, the motel is listed as an extended stay motel. The city will be reviewing whether it can continue to operate under that model.


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